Another Christmas without Christ.

Another celebration with the celebrant absent.

Where is the Christ in Christmas?

I have seen Drinkmas and Foodmas,

I have witnessed Dressmas and Dancemas, but no Christmas.

Where is the Christ in Christmas?

I have seen posh cars soullessly treading down poverty-stricken streets,

I have seen gleaming mansions oppressing ghettos and slumpy neighbourhoods,

I have seen two types of black mouths: one chewing and the other salivating.

I have seen two stomach classes: one full and belching, the other empty and grumbling.

Where is the Christ in Christmas?

Christ in Christmas is hope for the indigent,

Comfort for the teary,

Love for the lonely,

Food for the famished,

Dress for the naked,

Water for the thirsty,

Laughter for the sad,

And, most importantly, salvation for the weary.

Are you the Christ in Christmas?

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