Waiting has weight which whets the weaning power of the wet stone.




Weaned from their winning ways, Winchester ween that winning is whining and wining with the wind.

Wet the win with wine, whet the loss with the weight stone.

Win with the whet stone, sharpen balling skills. Get wet with the weight kits, wean off extra loss pounds.

Wait to get wet from the reign of winning. Win to gain weight. Wean and have a ween on the winning ways of Winchester. Wine after winning, whine after losing. Wait to draw a win.

Three points, I ween, are weight points. Pound points for weight wins. Lost pounds for wet loss.

Wet, win. Wait, wean. Whet, ween.

Wet to win,

Wait to wean,

Whet for ween.

Win, wean. Wet, wean. Whet, win.

Wet, ween.

Stop. No more whining about wet win and wet wean and whet win and wet ween.

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