Trauma Zones

We cannot go back to trauma zones,

we must not return to trauma scenes,

where smiling faces look like goblins in the dark.

Their teeth flash like dagger ready to cut and

sever the heart of happiness.

We shall never return to trauma zones

where devils wear angelic apparels

to haunt the pastoral grounds as unsuspecting

shepherds feed their flock.

We must not return to the trauma triangle

where snipper-like innuendoes hurt the

melancholic’s soul, and spirit away our comfort and happiness.

We must not live in trauma zones

even if it is rich like the Saudi Arabian oil wells.

We cannot return to the trauma tents

where the humble man’s steps are stalked by

paid spies and satanic code scripts,

both online and offline.

We must not walk through zones of trauma

until they have been turned into paradises

to safeguard the sensitive soul’s mind and wellness,

for a heaven on earth is a dream for all.

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4 thoughts on “Trauma Zones

  1. It is the part of not returning to the trauma zone if it is rich like an oil-well zone that struck me. Daring and evocative poem.

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