Mother of the Road

(For Mrs Offiong Inyang)

Mother of the Road,

The traffic warden in life’s highway,

Guiding and directing young, innocent, travellers

On their journey to destiny fulfilment

Mother of the Road,

A fertile hand, nurturing God’s seeds

In the Pegasus Farms, weeding out subtle vices

That attack godly seeds, watering them with

Virtues like love, patience, kindness and politeness

Mother of the Road,

An amazing counsellor,

She speaks with a soft authoritative

Voice, instilling obedience in the hearts of young

Minds, repositioning their destinies with godly words

Mother of the Road,

The children you raised pray for you today,

Your years of good works have not been and will

Never be in vain; God, the Great Rewarder, will

Continue to satisfy you with long life, robust health

And the riches from the storehouse of heaven.

As you have saved many lives from the perils of this

World, yours is God’s to protect.

Your house will sing eternal melodies of divine bliss and peace,

Your house will stand like a rock upon the earth,

And no storms of life will move it.

Your children will forever

Prosper and you will live to rejoice in the reward of the

Good works that, for years, you have done for God and humanity.  

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