These sea masquerades are creating unnecessary ripples in a calm pool,

Making talented youths live like sand arts.

Today they are here

Looking strong and beautiful,

Tomorrow they drift

And are drained of life’s living breath.

No more mohbading of our existence,

We need to have joy like a river, and

Live merry for the rest of our days.

If Set up and Temptation come, His grace will be sufficient. In our work, we will dig diamonds and other precious gem stones.

If Lack knocks on our door, God’s providential hands will be caring towards us.

When Doubt threatens our beliefs, our faith will be our bulwark.

We will pray only in thanksgiving, for our prayers have already been answered.

The one-eyed Sunday will perish in his schemes while the one-legged pirate will be consumed by her plots. Antagonists will be protagonised.

If Tragedy visits, he will be anticipated by Deus ex machina. Then the play will end in a comedy of praises to the Most High. Next morning, no mourning. Only the moaning of gratitude to One who rules the heaven and the earth.

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