Young and sturdy youth,

Living in existential splendour,

Regaled in economic and political glory,

Revered among his peers,

A father of 36,

Blessed with a million talented children

Born by the blessed Jewels of the Delta.

Young and sturdy youth,

A personification of arable lands

and fertile spaces, where rain 🌧️ falls

and the sun shines in their seasons,

nurturing edibles which raise a thousand healthy minds.

Young and sturdy youth,

A metaphor for the land of heroes,

men and women who stood up to defend the land against predators from the four winds.

Young and sturdy youth,

A young achiever, beloved by his sons and daughters, who today celebrate your annals which are replete with heroic exploits. It is only the brave man’s children who survive into the future.

Young and sturdy youth,

to beat the ills of the robotic age, you must evolve in education and empowerment of the youth. Look to the skills set of your children and let them match the demands of the times.

You have time on your side, young and sturdy youth. Work hard and shine through the ages.

Happy birthday, young and sturdy youth.

Happy anniversary, Akwa Abasi Ibom State.

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