Call for Manuscripts by Planeyo Publishers

At Planeyo Publishers we are interested in publishing fiction, motivational books and literary criticism especially by young and emerging authors in Africa. Specifically, we publish poetry, prose and drama, including shy novels, flash fiction, memoirs and other forms of self-narratives. If you have a manuscript that meets this description, kindly send it to:

Dr Eyoh Etim


All manuscripts must be type-written and sent in an MS Word format as an e-mail attachment.

All submitted manuscripts are scrutinised by the Editor and if they meet our initial criteria for publication, they are then sent out to an external vetter, a seasoned critic in the genre or area of the manuscript’s subject matter. The cost of this vetting will is borne by the author.

If the vetter’s comments are positive, then the corrections are effected by the author and the manuscript is sent in for editing by our editorial team. Before this process commences, the manuscript’s costing is done and a publication contract or agreement is signed by the author. We work closely with the author in the course of editing and preparing the manuscript for publication. The manuscript is only sent to the press after the author and our team have agreed on its perfection.

For more enquiries, call: 2348027898705

Planeyo Publishers. . . Publishing your dream works.

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