The Call of the Titanic

Drowned souls of a millennium old cry out from the deep ocean floor, calling on the offspring of the ancestors who wronged them to come to the Justice Triangle down in the depth of the deep.

The blood of the poor spilled in the Atlantic by Gendarmic hawks groan for Justice, calling on the descendants of heartless foes to gather on the ocean floor where the Justice Queen holds her court Thursday midnight.

The call of the Titanic is like the call of the Lagos Lagoon; it is powerfully existential and must be obeyed. The call subjects are in a daze as they crave the site of history’s tragic plunge.

Their craze cannot be cured by sound advice and scientific warnings, because they must account for the heinous deeds of their rich ancestors who deprived the poor their lifeboats one hundred years ago in the desperation that birthed the politics of survival on an ill-fated raft that was a microcosm of the oppressive world that lay beyond the sea.

The call of the Titanic is a call to Justice. It must be paid for with a gargantuan sum and a capital price. Sanity does not have a hand in it. Adventure is its prize but the real prize lies beneath the depth, where the souls of the deprived have been wailing for one hundred years, for Justice.

The call of the Titanic has been responded to by all parties to the historic fate. A plea for mercy rises from their throats but the existential waves drown their voices. Grace cannot speak for them because they denied her son.

Let the guilty sink and let the innocent float.

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