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As our website is growing, we have decided to welcome Sponsored Posts from individuals and corporate bodies for promotional purposes. Hence, we have created the Sponsored Posts Category on our website where all such posts would be domiciled so as not to be confused with the principal author’s posts. This article is to formally invite members of the public and business owners to advertise their products and services on our website through the medium of sponsored posts or guest writing. The article also serves as a part of our policy document on the issue of sponsored posts or guest writing.

As of July, 2023, our Google Analytics stats indicated that we had 7.5k visitors to the site, with the visitors being drawn mostly from Nigeria and other countries like Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, India, the United States, Tanzania, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and Iraq. Our website also recorded 11k clicks on Google Impact Search Report. Our contents appeal to young scholars and intellectuals, teachers and guardians who enjoy literary analysis and general life topics. Hence, we invite sponsored posts that revolve around this niche.

Individuals wishing to sponsor posts on our website should contact the publisher through the contacts at the foot of our webpage. Once we receive a sponsored article, our team will review it to ensure that it is in line with our site policy. Once a post is approved, the article will be posted on our site for a fee. Our fee ranges from $150 to $500 per article, depending on the nature of the article, among other factors like size, product being advertised and the duration that it will remain on our site. Normally, all guest or sponsored articles will remain on the site for a period of one year, after which they will be removed except their authors choose to update them and renew their terms, as the case may be.

We specifically welcome guest posts that appeal to our niche – books, literature, essays on life and arts, history, politics, religion, education, science and general humanities. Authors and publishers can promote their books on our site through sponsored and commissioned articles and reviews. Educational institutions can promote their programmes and prospectuses on our site. NGOs, governmental organisations and parastatals associated with education, arts and literature, who wish to reach a wider audience can sponsor posts on our site. Academic journals and magazines can advertise their CFPs and other forms of call-to-action on our site. Competitions that are targeted at young scholars can also be advertised on our site.

It is important that we disclose that our site is already earning revenue from Google AdSense and that this revenue is based on the number of visitors to the site. It is also important to state that, our major partner being Google, we are bound to abide by its rules and regulations on site advertorials. Hence, all sponsored posts will be clearly marked as ‘Sponsored’ and published under the relevant catogeory – ‘Sponsored’. For instance, all our sponsored links must be ‘no follow’ and will have the rel=‘nofollow’ attribute so as not to violate Google guidelines. These guidelines will be updated periodically as the rules change.

Dr Eyoh Etim,

Last Update: August, 2023

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