On Driving Past Eagle Square

You centre of unity within Centre of Unity,

How many divisive feet have trodden on your unity


How many deceitful tongues have shouted unfulfilled


on your truth-loving arena?

How many bought crowds have converged there

to do the bidding of their paymasters?

How many compromised tongues have yelled

hideous ululations and rendered a disco of hullabaloo

to deceive the gullible and impressionable masses?

How many treacherous knees have knelt for votes at the

the foot

of your patriotic platform?

You centre of unity at the centre of the Centre of Unity,

How many fools have gone in there to fool your

territorial and intelligent integrity?

How many bribed hands have cast guilt-laden

ballots to avoid bullets?

How many innocent lambs have been slaughtered on

your haloed altar for the sins of the lions?

And how long will you remain silent?

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