The corn eaters

Another corn-eating season

 is here, birthing

co(r)n men and

their gun men –

the proverbial political

corn eaters, playing

politics with eating

corn, corn that

 they didn’t plant,

corn they didn’t

budget for; pauper

 women’s corn, sown

 with tears and

toil, sown with

 hunger and thirst;

 sown without agric

 loans, subsidies and

 grants, sown without

constituency funds

and support. Corn

 that cannot grow

 in mansions and

estates, corn that

can’t germinate on

 tiled lawns and

gardens, corn that

cannot withstand the

freezing climates of

 A/C-ed mansion and cool rooms.

Part-time crumb eaters,

they eat corn

once in four years

to trick the

masses into believing

that they too

are the poor,

they too are

the needy, needing

votes, not food, but vote food,

for they and

their offspring snack on

corned beef the

rest of the


Well known political

comedians, eating corn

by the roadside

to the applause

of the cameras,

and the camaraderie

of the gullible

electorate, the agama

lizards, who clap

and nod yes

yes to every

uttered deception.

Professional trick-stars,

making a circus

show of corn


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