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I know that everyone desires greatness, everyone wants to grow. Everyone wants to be somebody, to be recognised, to be loved, respected and celebrated. It is a deep human need. But to achieve this, some people usually take actions that eventually make them nobodies. So what does it really take to be nobody?

Here then are the seven great steps to becoming nothing in life.

First, you have to do everything in your power to please everyone. Yes, that is the number one step in amounting to nothing in life. If people want you to become a doctor, by all means oblige them, even though you really would like to be a lawyer. But remember that an authentic life cannot please everyone.

Second, be everybody’s person. The man of the people! You are on your way to becoming a Mr Nobody if everyone loves you. That should only happen if you follow the first step above seriously. Please do not relent!

Third, believe everyone’s opinion about yourself. The third step of amounting to nothing is to allow yourself to be defined by the words of others. Be happy when they praise you and be sad when they reject you. What a miserable life!

Fourth, be afraid of making mistakes. And if you ever make mistakes, beat yourself up for it, lament about it and never forgive yourself. Yet remember that mistakes are common in life. What matters is if we really learn from them.

Fifth, be afraid to take risks. Do not do anything no matter how worthwhile if there are risks involved. That is the surest fifth step of amounting to nothing in life. You know how risk risks everything. So stay in your cool calm waters if you really want to amount to nothing in life.

Sixth, ignore all forms of innovation. Stick to the old ways of doing things. Change changes everything, you know. When others are changing and moving on, mock them and gossip about them. I really wonder who is going to laugh last.

Seventh, you need to maintain the belief that education begins and ends at school. Once you manage to graduate, stop learning anything new, stop reading those old boring books. Who cares!

If you follow the seven steps outlined above, you will definitely amount to nothing in life.   

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2 thoughts on “How to Amount to Nothing in Life

  1. Good piece. But also add this: there is no need to pray, after all God won’t come down to help you. Those who pray are just wasting their time. That’s a sure way to failure.

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